Urban Movement Labs joins as a member of Smart City Works Venture Studio



Smart City Works Venture Studio Announces Partnership with Urban Movement Labs as Agency Member

Washington, DC – February 15, 2022: Smart City Works Venture Studio (SCWVS) announced today that Urban Movement Labs (UML) will be joining as an Agency Member of the Smart City Works Venture Studio to further efforts regarding transportation technology innovation. The Smart City Works Venture Studio helps build startups focused on key urban challenges like transportation and mobility. The Studio’s offering includes identifying key trends and opportunities in infrastructure where technology and associated innovative processes can make a difference in how infrastructure is developed, deployed, and maintained in terms of quality, accessibility, equity, cost, and sustainability.

Urban Movement Labs (UML), a Los Angeles based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, provides a third space for collaboration, which prioritizes a community-first approach for local agencies, communities, and companies, to co-create and co-implement mobility technology solutions. UML’s aim is to match solutions to daily transportation challenges, then test them in real urban conditions within L.A.’s city limits in a way that provides community members with a sense of ownership via pilots that include community input and feedback.

Sam Morrissey, Executive Director of Urban Movement Labs, said, “We are doing all we can to embrace and leverage meaningful innovation for urban mobility. The partnership with Smart City Works Venture Studio will allow us to have access to emerging urban infrastructure innovation companies and to meaningful academic and industry research for proven methods and best practices for translating such innovation into scalable and repeatable solutions. Linking critical innovation to substantive execution is a crucial part of the equation, and we see Smart City Works Venture Studio as helping make that happen.”

“As we pull the levers of innovation for infrastructure, we know that these are the opportunities to make a real difference for the key players in the industry. We also recognize that assembling a membership of public agencies, corporations, and public-private partnerships can reveal a holistic assessment of where we are today and where the industry needs to move in the future, connecting that to the innovation we are supporting in the Studio. Having Urban Movement Labs as a part of this group adds a compelling voice for urban mobility to the benefit of all members,” said Tim McManus, Chair of the Smart City Works Venture Studio Board of Advisors and former McKinsey VP of Capital Projects. “Adding to that the input from the Columbia University Global Leaders in Construction Management Program underscores the need for ongoing learning and adaptation we all must continually pursue.”

About Urban Movement Labs

Urban Movement Labs is a first-of-its-kind mobility-innovation organization that links government, businesses, and community members to modern technology solutions to help solve transportation challenges in the City of Los Angeles. A collaboration between local government and innovators, Urban Movement Labs is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization where new transportation technologies are tested, proven, and brought to life. Urban Movement Labs aims to make Los Angeles the model city for safe, sustainable, equitable, and efficient movement of people and goods and replicate these learnings around the world.

Learn more at https://www.urbanmovementlabs.com

About Smart City Works Venture Studios

Smart City Works Venture Studios helps build startups for the cyber-physical infrastructure world by providing a team of experienced entrepreneurs who have substantial experience in IoT and infrastructure, product development, business planning, customer acquisition, finance and venture capital, as well as industry-specific expertise in smart cities, construction, smart buildings, mobility, energy and the environment. Smart City Works Venture Studio is a joint initiative between Smart City Works Venture Labs, a next generation business accelerator focused on urban infrastructure, and Rocket Wagon Venture Studios, the parent organization that provides the architectural cyber-physical framework including considerations regarding devices, security, privacy, data governance and ownership, communications, and a broad range of analytics, as well as shared legal and financial services, underlying operational systems, and corporate relationships.

Learn more at smartcityworks.rwvstudios.com

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