Innovation Meets Commercialization

Incubators and Accelerators focus on “Stage 1 Entrepreneurship” . For us, that is the Smart City Works Actuator program.  The Smart City Works Venture Studio is focused on “Stage 2 Entrepreneurship”,  getting to scale and successful commercialization. Aligning the two together provides a faster de-risked process for startups.

Smart City Works Venture Studio is designed to launch startups  to advance innovation and digital development for the infrastructure industry and smart city development. We have established a specific and advanced framework that builds upon the foundation of a standard venture studio with the added deep expertise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and adjacent technologies combined with vast construction and infrastructure expertise.  Our Venture Studio enables all entities involved with infrastructure development and operations (designers, planners, contractors, owners, government, etc.) to see up close the most advanced technologies that are being developed, gain access to entrepreneurs and leaders in these fields, and participate and benefit in ultimate investment or acquisition ahead of the general market.

The U.S. has continued to receive poor marks for the declining state of its infrastructure. These trends must be reversed. There is a growing need to repair, replace, and modernize critical infrastructure, including roads, rails, bridges, drinking water and wastewater systems, ports, airports, civic buildings, broadband, and more.

The studio and top tier corporate members will select startups that represent the highest potential and align with market need and direction.